Q1 - Incorporation of Altri

Altri was incorporated in the first quarter of 2005 as a result of the restructuring process of Cofina through a spin-off of its industrial assets.

Q3 - Acquisition of Celtejo

2005 was also highlighted by the acquisition of 95% of Celtejo, through a public offering. This operation was part of the company’s privatisation process. Total investment amounted to 38 million euros.


January - Acquisition of 50% of EDP Bioeléctrica

The group invested 7.5 million euros in the acquisition of 50% of EDP Bioeléctrica, a strategic and high potential investment focused on biomass power production.

August - Acquisition of Celbi

Altri acquired 100% of Celbi from Stora Enso, a transaction amounting to approximately 430 million euros.

Q3 - Acquisition of increased stake in Celtejo

Also in 2006, Altri acquired an additional 4.45% of the share capital of Celtejo, and now holds 99.45% of Celtejo.


June - Spin-off of FRamada

With the spin-off of FRamada Altri becomes a pure pulp and paper player

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