Altri is a relevant player in the international eucalyptus pulp market either through the production of bleaching eucalyptus kraft pulp (BEKP) either through the production of dissolving pulp (DP). Our vision is to become a leading European player in terms of size and one of the most efficient producers globally.

Our strategy is focused on increasing the efficient production of BEKP and further developing of DP production. 

BEKP capacity increase

Altri’s current BEKP production is above 900,000 tonnes of pulp per year, broken down as follows:

  • above 650,000 tonnes/year of BEKP produced in the Celbi mill in 2015
  • above 200,000 tonnes/year of BEKP produced in the Celtejo Mill in 2015

DP project overview

Altri designed and implemented a conversion project at Caima mill in order to move from paper pulp to dissolving pulp. The rational of the project was the capacity limitations of the mill and the conversion opportunity derived from the coking solution. The conversion project was concluded in June 2015.

Currently the mill is producing around 100,000 tonnes/year of dissolving pulp

Evolution of pulp production capacity (tonnes per year)


Operating efficiency

Our aim is to be one of the most efficient producer at our customers’ door. To achieve this goal we have designed a strategic approach that is based upon continuous cost efficiency projects and in the identification of value accretive investment opportunities that could reshape the business landscape.

  • Increasing efficiency. Altri has systematic cost efficiency projects aiming to reduce input cost per tonne and leading to closer circuit approach, reducing systematically the amount of recycling. This is a continuous effort of the entire organization
  • Value added approach. More than adding systematically new capacity Altri's approach is based upon the idea of adding more with the same raw material. Caima's DP project is a clear example of the mindset as well as the presence in several international R&D teams that aim to find new economically viable uses for the wood


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