Altri has developed an integrated approach to the forest management maximising the efficient use of this resource.

Efficiency means sustainable forest development since the forest is our main asset and the major raw material of pulp production. The forest is also an unique source of renewable energy, either through the direct burning of biomass or through the use of wood components not suitable for pulp production such as black liquor.

Our goal is to maximize energetic efficiency. The forest is a huge source of live and clean energy. The pulp production process provides two methods for renewable energy power production: cogeneration and biomass.

Pulp and paper – value chain

Pulp and paper – value chain / Capturing maximum value from forestry assets through complete integration, Fibre – Boiled (and bleached) to produce PULP, Bark, leaves and waste – Burned to produce BIOMASS, Resin – Burned to produce BLACK LIQUOR for COGENERATION

The pulping process produces a waste stream of spent pulping liquor. Pulp mills burn the pulping liquor to recover and recycle the chemicals used in the pulping process. These chemical recovery boilers supply pulp mills with process steam and cogenerate the steam and electricity.

Forest biomass results from tree tops, limbs and cull material left over from logging activity. The forest biomass is burned in a biomass-fire boiler that transfers the heat from combustion into steam that is used to produce electricity.

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