Altri places importance on biological diversity, sustainable resource use, and the fair distribution of the benefits. We believe that the promotion of biodiversity is a defense in itself: the maintenance, use, and replacement of resources are basic factors in safeguarding the company’s long-term interests.

Altri leaves a significant environmental footprint because the wood it produces is from forests planted and managed with the objective of harvesting. A typical managed forest has low levels of biodiversity.

The company has defined a set of procedures to minimise its impact on the environment:

Wood supply chain

Altri takes care in evaluating its external wood sources to reduce the risk of acquiring wood from controversial sources: wood from forests with a high ecological value, from forests exploited illegally or from regions that disregard the civil rights of their inhabitants.

Commitment to conservation and biodiversity

Altri has identified several areas of its own forests that have high value in terms of biodiversity and conservation. These will be earmarked for conservation and converted into native forests, so as to increase biodiversity levels. These projects are in line with the European objective to restore and raise biodiversity levels by 2010.

Altri's commitment to biodiversity involves:

  • Promoting and restoring conservation and biodiversity
  • Developing a management model built on value-added principles
  • Promoting the engagement of local communities and authorities
  • Promoting conservation and biodiversity values to all stakeholders
  • Sponsoring marketing campaigns to promote biodiversity
  • Maintaining a wood supply policy to avoid acquiring wood from sources that do not conform to the Forest Stewardship Council ©’s code.

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