Fire is a major threat to forests in Portugal.

To reduce the danger of fire blazes, Altri formed a joint venture company with Portucel, the largest owners of forest land in Portugal. The joint venture, called Afocelca, has the purpose to centralise fire prevention and firefighting activities. Afocelca’s simplem and efficient structure enables it to provide a flexible approach to surveillance and defensive action against forest fires blazes.

Afocelca’s firefighting strategy is based on four axes:

  1. Timing
    Prompt action is essential for reducing fire damage. The sooner the fire brigade arrives, the better – as they can attack the fire at source.
  2. Initial mass attack
    At the initial stages of a fire, the fire brigade prioritises the suppression of wildland fires.
  3. Evaluation of potential damage
    When several forest fires break out simultaneously, we evaluate the potential damage that each fire might cause. In this way, priority can be given to defending the most valuable property or areas.
  4. Evaluation of potential danger
    Similarly, we analyze the propagation of the fire using fire models – an aid to fire brigade management.

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