Research and development (R&D) is a critical area of pulp production. The main aim is to optimise Altri's pulp production in terms of quality, productivity and cost reduction.

Altri has more than 40 years' R&D forest experience, through its acquisition of Celbi Pulp Mill. The main focus of Altri's R&D is the eucalyptus tree.

Major development programmes include:

  • Increasing productivity: enabling quicker growth
  • Decreasing consumption per tonne of pulp produced
  • Increasing quality: wood, fibre, pulp and paper
  • The promotion of environmental sustainability
  • Cost reduction

The main areas of study are management of settlements, nutrition and forest protection; production models through biometrics; genetic improvements; and forest maintenance.

The purpose of the genetic improvement programme is to improve pulp quality and to lower the amount of wood required per tonne of pulp produced.

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