Altri's business operations have a big social impact on local communities. The company aims to foster good relationships with communities living near its forests and processing plants.


Altri's managed forest is mostly located in remote rural areas where disposable income is below the national average. Wages and leasing fees paid to local labourers and forest owners provide an essential boost to local economies.

We mostly use local contractors for forestry work, ensuring that social and environmental standards are met. Altri has adhered to strict forest certifications (FSC and PEFC) that require careful planning and execution of forestry operations. It also requires Altri to evaluate its impacts on the surroundings by keeping open and continuous lines of communication with individuals and communities.

Altri sponsors initiatives that engage local groups to help promote sustainable development. We have held workshops with local people to find out what they perceive to be the positive and negative effects of our forestry activities. Where people have identified negative effects, we have put measures in place to solve the problems.

Processing plants

We foster initiatives to create long-lasting good relationships with institutions and associations located near our production plants. By charitable donations and logistical support, the company contributes to projects to enhance local living standards. Examples include:

  • Using the company's own facilities for the treatment of waste from nearby urban centres – for example Constância and Leirosa
  • Renewing landscape and ecosystems – for example recovery and renewal of the dune environment at Leirosa, working with Coimbra University
  • Cooperating with the Civil Protection in the preparation of an emergency plan
  • Joint exercises with the fire brigade – training emergency teams
  • Providing equipment for public use in sports and leisure activities in Silveirinha Grande and Claras
  • Sponsoring awards and prizes for students at Paião schools
  • Refurbishing a kindergarten at Serra da Boa Viagem
  • Sponsoring 'III Health Week' organised by the S. Julião parish at Figueira da Foz

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