Celbi has an annual production capacity of around 600,000 tonnes of bleached eucalyptus kraft pulp (BEKP).

In the second half of 2009 Celbi reached 600,000 tonnes of BEKP. The full speed production will be achieved in 2011. After this project Celbi will increase its operating efficiency reducing its cash cost per tone.

All the pulp produced by Celbi is sold in the European market. This kind of pulp is used for a wide range of papers, from fine paper grades to tissue and printing and writing.

The Celbi PP brand is recognised in the market for its high quality, and in particular for its low level of impurities, its whiteness, and the consistency of its physical and chemical properties. In comparison with pulp produced from other species of eucalyptus, Celbi pulp is noted for its high degree of resistance, opaqueness, and porosity.

These characteristics make it suitable for the production of fine printing paper, decorative laminated paper, and high quality printed paper or card.

The Celbi's website provides all the info about the mill, its environmental performance and the ongoing project.

The Celbi mill was acquired by Altri in 2006 from Stora Enso.


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